The Fantasy Draw is, quite simply, the world’s best fantasy football webcomics (to be fair, we’re the only webcomic 100% devoted to fantasy football that we know of).

Our goal is to provide you with the best, most topical fantasy football comics (and other entertaining content) to help us get through another fantasy season. Like you, we are die-hard fantasy football players, and we look forward to sharing our stories, frustrations, and triumphs with you. Since this is our inaugural season, we don’t have a set schedule, so we encourage you to follow us on twitter @thefantasydraw to receive tweets on all our latest updates, or subscribe to our email list to receive our posts directly in your inbox. Good luck out there, and we wish everyone the best in their 2015 fantasy campaign.

As a proud contributor for DynastyLeagueFootball.com, The Fantasy Draw comics can also be found at DLF, the industry leading source for dynasty and keeper fantasy football analysis.


The Author

Brad Carey – creator of thefantasydraw.com, original cartoonist and contributor.

Brad lives in California and has played fantasy sports for over a decade feeling all the highs and lows that go into this great game. Professionally, Brad is a digital illustrator and has also worked as a marketing manager and graphic designer. He has a degree in advertising with additional focus on predictive analytics. But first and foremost, he is a fantasy football player. If he has to choose between updating this site, or spending an extra 2 hours to make sure he puts in the perfect waiver claim on a Tuesday night, the waiver claim will win every time.

You can contact Brad at brad@thefantasydraw.com

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