Playoff Football

Playoff football

As a fantasy football player, the true joy of the NFL Playoffs is not the sheer importance of the games, but that we can finally watch football and relax. How many passing yards does Russell Wilson have? Who cares. Did Spencer Ware vulture a TD from Charcandrick West? No big deal. Football + Fantasy is the greatest, but sometimes Football without Fantasy is just what the doctor ordered.

Eddie Lacy’s Night Out

Eddie Lacy's Night Out

I’m not sure what’s worse in the Eddie Lacy missing curfew story – Eddie Lacy missing curfew, or an adult having a curfew? Either way, fantasy owners are hurting. If there’s an Eddie Lacy owner out there actually set to make the playoffs (and congrats to you for savvy coaching), get your man some 80’s comedies to watch. Surely there’s a way to have fun AND not get caught.

Friendly reminder

Friendly reminder to set your clocks back

Arizona won’t get this comic, but for everyone else this is a friendly reminder to set your clocks back for the end of daylight savings time. I know, personally, I will use the extra hour to stress even more over my fantasy football picks for the week. Cheers.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football

It’s not that I’m against Star Wars, it’s just that the movie doesn’t come out for 2 months. I will definitely go see it in December like everyone else (probably not opening night, but still…). In the meantime we have football to talk about.

To Gronk or NOT to Gronk?

To Gronk or NOT to Gronk

Everything in fantasy football starts with one question, whether it’s a traditional season-long league or a daily league. To Gronk or not to Gronk? And ultimately, if we think about it, isn’t this the question in life? I like to think I Gronk it once in a while.

Too many fantasy teams to talk about

Too many fantasy teams to talk about

They say, “no one wants to hear about your fantasy team”, so it only makes sense that also “no one wants to hear about your 5 fantasy teams.” It’s a shame too because I continue to expand my portfolio of teams. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the old days when I had one team. But I’m in it now, and if I’m honest… I love it.

Wednesday Mornings

Wednesday mornings

I don’t think you’re a true fantasy football player until you’ve set your alarm for a ridiculous time on a Wednesday morning. Whether it’s to have first crack at the Free Agent pool or to see if you landed Dion Lewis on waivers – this is living.

Brad’s Top 5 DFS Plays for Week 3

After a big DFS week 1 for me, I didn’t do a top-5 in Week 2 and fell flat. Obviously preparing this forces me to pick out the best-of-the-best not only for you, but also (especially) for me… OK, I really just wrote this for myself… Don’t read…

Brad's Top 5 DFS plays Week 3, 2015 - 01

Adrian Peterson comes in as the most expensive RB on both FanDuel and DraftKings this week, and he will be well worth the price. When offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, signed with the Vikings last year, the first thing he did was circle this date on his calendar (that’s right, even before the schedules came out). How does he plan on welcoming his former team to Minnesota? With heavy doses of the most dangerous player in the game. Adrian Peterson has cleaned off the rust in his first two games and is ready to carry the load against the 8th worst run defense so far this year. Giovani Bernard ran all over the Chargers, look for Peterson to do even more damage. There is literally no ceiling to how big Peterson can be this weekend.

Brad's Top 5 DFS plays Week 3, 2015 - 02

Antonio Brown seems like another obvious pick (I know, I’m not exactly going out on a limb this week), but he might be as undervalued as anyone. Until his price corrects, which might be 2x the salary of the next highest player, keep plugging him in your lineups as a lock every week. To put it into perspective, do you know what was happening the last time Antonio Brown had less than 5 catches in a game? For starters, the aforementioned Norv Turner was coaching the Chargers. Mike Wallace was still with the Steelers. And Gangnam Style was the newest craze in music.

Brad's Top 5 DFS plays Week 3, 2015 - 03

Brandon Weeden will lead the Cowboys this week against the Falcons, and if you are looking for a bargain player (which you might need after plugging in two of the most expensive players for the week in your lineup) Brandon Weeden can lead your DFS team. The Falcons have allowed a healthy 23 fantasy points/game to opposing QB’s, and armed with the best offensive line on the planet, Weeden should be afforded plenty of time to pick apart the Falcons’ secondary. Before you think the Cowboys are “just going to run it”, note that the team’s yards per carry have dropped from 4.6 yards/carry in 2014, to 3.4 yards/carry so far this young season (I’m not sure what’s changed). If you are looking for a contrarian stack with Weeden for large GPP’s, consider Lance Dunbar – as the Cowboys have struggled moving the ball on the ground, Dunbar’s role has increased dramatically this season. Additionally, no one has allowed more catches or receiving yards to RB’s through the first two contests than the Atlanta Falcons.

Brad's Top 5 DFS plays Week 3, 2015 - 04

Isaiah Crowell is another bargain player you can add to your lineups so you can afford the top-priced players this week. ** flashback~ in 2012 I drafted Doug Martin to my fantasy team. 5 weeks in I trade him in what would be the worst fantasy trade of my life. And on November 4th, 2012 Martin has one of the best fantasy days for a RB in recent history putting up 272 yards and 4 TD’s on the Oakland Raiders. I remember it vividly. ~end flashback** In 2012 the Raiders finished 5th in most fantasy points allowed to RB’s. In 2013 they finished 5th again. In 2014 they stepped it up and finished 1st. And in 2015 they are currently 4th in most points allowed to RB’s. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and I do not want to miss out on the next huge RB performance vs the Raiders. After a solid outing vs. the Titans, look for Crowell to put up the first 100-yard game of his career this weekend as the Browns run, run, and run some more. The Cleveland Defense should also match up well against the Raiders, making Crowell a good stack with his Defense.

Brad's Top 5 DFS plays Week 3, 2015 - 01

The Seattle Seahawks DST rounds out my top-5. I really didn’t want to put a Defense in my top-5, but after looking into it I couldn’t avoid it. There are a lot of good plays on defense this week, but don’t overlook the most obvious play. Chicago has allowed the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing Defenses this season and the injuries are piling up fast as Jimmy Clausen leads the Bears into Seattle. Seattle is off to an 0-2 start with a somewhat pedestrian defense, and in much need of a statement game in their home opener. Kam Chancellor is back with the team, the 12th-man will be as loud as ever, and a shutout doesn’t even seem out of the question this weekend. Adding fuel to the Special Teams fire, the Bears have allowed the most kickoff return yards this year, and the Seahawks’ young kick-returner, Tyler Lockett, has been one bright spot in the team’s 0-2 start. The Seahawks are as good a bet as anyone to have a return TD this weekend on top of a devastating Defense. Don’t go cheap on DST this weekend, and be sure to get the Seahawks in a strong percent of your lineups.

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Season-long vs Daily fantasy

Season-long vs daily fantasy

I’ll be the first to say I love my season-long leagues. There really isn’t anything better. But I’d also be lying if I said they were perfect. Collecting league fees, manager overturn, NFL injuries, complaining owners… sometimes I wish all those problems would go away. And with daily fantasy a lot of them do. Just your favorite players for the week and all your friends can be against each other, or on the same side. When my season-long teams are having a down week (or season) it’s life affirming to have a few bucks in daily.

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